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HOT BAKER was founded in 2006 by Chris Papadopoulos with the object of producing innovative filled cookies, biscuits accompanying coffee, bread sticks, rusks and cookies with special flavors.

Chris has significant expertise and experience in the broader field of pastry bakery. He established and managed in 1998 – 2005 the Frozen Pastries & Croissants company “BAKER MASTER” and in 1991-1998 the Frozen Pizza company “GIOVANNIS PIZZA”.

We design, create and develop products with distinctive flavor and in combination with the technical training of our qualified staff we guarantee to provide high quality products to our customers.
In the development of our activities in the field of packaging we created a packing system to standardize the biscuit accompanying coffee, which allows your logo or any advertising message to be printed on its envelope.

With our continuous research and product innovation we aim to increase the value of our professional associates in the eyes of their customers.


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