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ARTOZA, METROPOLITAN EXPO, 27 February 2015 – 2 March 2015


An unwavering trade show institution!

Having established ourselves as one of the most successful trade shows in Greece and one of the best of its kind around the world, ARTOZA is justifiably considered to be a trade exhibition of symbolic importance and a point of reference for the bakery and patisserie industry in the country. In the extremely challenging economic climate of recent years, ARTOZA has managed not only to maintain its strength, but also to enhance the recognition and appeal it has acquired over the years to remain the unwavering trade show institution for the entire sector of bakery and patisserie professionals.

Having reached the 25-year milestone in its history, during which it has met with unrivalled success, ARTOZA is poised to embark on a new era. While following the rapid developments and reorganisation in the sector, it is being renewed and enriched with new categories of exhibits and targeted thematic events. ARTOZA aims at meeting the modern-day demands of professionals and helping them to respond to changes arising from today’s competitive market providing also a view in the future.

With the cooperation and participation of all institutional organisations and the contribution of the majority of suppliers in the sector, preparations are underway for the 14th ARTOZA. Now, more than ever ARTOZA is expected to draw thousands of professionals and to serve as a vast commercial forum that will mark the new path to recovery in the bakery and patisserie sector in Greece, full filling the expectations of both exhibitors and visitors.


13th ARTOZA 2013 – Video

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