“Our aim is to produce innovative products of high taste quality cookies at a competitive price range to satisfy even the most demanding customer who will consistently highly recommend us to others so this cycle will provide satisfaction both to our clients and our employees who will have the confidence that they are dealing with an honest excellence product made with Global Standards & Greek Passion.”


HOTBAKER was founded in 2006 by Chris Papadopoulos who has built a huge know-how and experience in the bakery industry
through the years with significant success stories because of his innovative ideas.

His first company was founded in Athens 1991 and offered frozen pizza’s under the name "GIOVANNIS PIZZA" In 1998 the company "BAKER MASTER", with a wide range of frozen bakery products was founded, and Chris left the company in 2006 to start HOTBAKER.

HOTBAKER produces innovative, high-value Biscuit products based on the unique choice of recipes and ingredients at attractive prices. In 2015 the Company made a major investment by expanding its factory facilities and now produces in its modern, spacious (>1.000sq.m.) and fully equipped Biscuit Workshop Factory.

After more than 10 years of constant growth and innovation in the area of ​​Cookies & Biscuits, mostly in Greece, HOTBAKER is ready to expand business Worldwide.


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